3G Wifi Thin Mineral Series

3G Wifi Thin Mineral Series Thermal Emitters

Dry digital and programmable thermal emitters with 3 mm thick porcelain sheet front, reinforced with polyurethane resin and fibreglass mesh.

  • Thermal emitters with ambient thermostat incorporated.
  • Supplied with cable and H-shape wall fixing support



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  • 3 mm thick Porcelain sheet reinforced with polyurethane resin and fibreglass sheet.
    • Impermeable
    • Versatile
    • Easy to clean hygienic surface
    • Unalterable colours
    • Resistant to fire, chemical products and high temperatures
    • Resistant to flexion and wear
  • Heating System, with double heating body: An X shape aluminium resistance and a radiant film with a small inertia capacity, which provides an excellent feeling of comfort, and less electricity consumption.
  • Adjustment
    • Upper Control: Upper electronic control with weekly programming
    • 4 positions: Comfort, maintenance, de-icing, on/off.
    • Infrared receiver, for remote programming via ducasa remote control (optional).
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The control is managed from the APP TERMOWEB of Ducasa that you can download onto your mobile phone. The application contains simple menus from which you can control the heating from any device connected to the Internet. Wherever you are.


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In an intuitive and easy way you will be able to:
• Adjust, turn on or turn off the heating remotely in real time
• Daily and weekly programming
• Instantaneous and history reading of consumptions of the entire home, as well as comparative consumptions.

To be able to start using the APP you will have to register at the following link https://control2.termoweb.net

And start to enjoy the comfort and saving on your heating!