Kits Control 3G Wifi

One system, three solutions
The 3G WiFi Control is an automation system to control the electric and gas heating.
Technology to enjoy the comfort of your home, save in consumptions and control the heating from any location.

Energy Kit

Control of our home's electric consumption. For iEM 3G WiFi emitters.

Boiler Kit

Control of any gas or gas-oil boiler.

Boiler + Energy Kit

Remote control of the electric and boiler consumption of any type.

3G WiFi additional thermostat

Control of the heating by areas or floors.

RF Module

Converts the 3G WiFi wall thermostat into a table thermostat.

The 3G WiFi control enables remotely controlling the heating and electric consumption from any place and device connected to the Internet: Smartphone, Tablet or PC.
It also enables programming the temperature of each room and adjusting the consumption in real time, being able to act on the adjustment or disconnection of each of the emitters.

Now you will be able to make the most of the energy use with the 3G WiFi Control system.
By knowing in detail how much energy you consume in your home and in what way, you will be able to save up to 20% of the consumption, and you will also be able to reduce the rate contracted to better adapt it to your requirements.

Energy Efficiency
The 3G WiFi Control is designed to comply with the current regulations of the Energy Efficiency market. To manage the consumption with the aim of knowing how and when we consume the energy, is one of the objectives both of the ecodesing regulation (Erp) and of the labelling to provide information on the energy efficiency class (ELD).

Control. Comfort. Saving
Control your heating from any location.
Arrive home and enjoy the warm atmosphere you desire.
Make the most out of the use of your energy and save up to 20%.