What does Ducasa offer?




We offer a comprehensive service, from start to finish, designed to guarantee the comfort,
satisfaction and business broadening for our customer.



Integrated solutions
Technical-commercial assessment
After-sale service



Because there is not just one valid climate control system,  
but there is an adequate solution for each requirement.
At Ducasa we carry out a detailed assessment of the factors to be considered in each case.
Factor such as use, the quality of the insulation, the area to treat and the climate zone of the home 
are factors to be studied to offer the best climate control system.







Ducasa is the brand of reference in comprehensive systems for home climate control.



Electrical heating
Hot sanitary water



We are backed by a long experience in the sector, recognised for working with systems that automate, 
programme and enable reducing the electrical power to be contracted, in addition to   
 optimising the comfort, energy saving and respect for the environment.