3G WiFi iEM Series

3G WiFi iEM Series Thermal Emitters

Thermal emitters with integrated electronics to operate with the 3G WiFi control kit, a system that enables remotely controlling the heating from any place and any device connected to the Internet. Technological innovation at home to enjoy the comfort, save in consumptions and control the heating from any location.

Thermal emitters with pressure cast aluminium and heat transfer fluid inside with thermodynamic properties.

  • Ergonomic design of the control panel of easy reading and handling to the height of the hand.
  • Easy and intuitive access to the information. The access to the information, control and adjustment of the 3G WiFi iEM emitters is easy and intuitive. It is enough to access the application of the mobile device connecting to the Internet and activating the application to govern them. Through the different user screens it is possible to enjoy all the expanded functionalities. To start the system the user must register in control2.termoweb.net  and download the application in its devices
  • Extended functions by means of CC 3G WiFi removable control module connected via RF to the Center communication switchboard and from this, via the Internet, to a mobile device (PC, tablet or Smartphone).
  • CC 3G Wifi Removable Control Module exchangeable and compatible with Centre communications switchboard
  • Automatic saving through electrical consumption load controller. When the system detects a consumption higher than the power contracted it automatically disconnects adjusting to the power limit contracted.

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  • ON/OFF switch
  • Thermostat with electronic adjustment
  • New easily removable CC 3G WiFi module compatible with Center switchboard (necessary for extended functions) via the Internet.
  • NTC temperature sensor (±0.30C)
  • Monotube armoured resistance to achieve a greater performance
  • Protection against overheating controlled by high-precision automatic device
  • Total control from CC 3G WiFi control panel
    • Raise and lower the temperature
    • Turn the emitter on and off
    • Programming 7 days a week and 24 hours a day with 3 modes: Comfort, maintenance and de-icing
  • Easy installation
    • 1450 mm power cable
    • Quick System Wall support

The control is managed from the APP TERMOWEB of Ducasa that you can download onto your mobile phone. The application contains simple menus from which you can control the heating from any device connected to the Internet. Wherever you are.


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In an intuitive and easy way you will be able to:
• Adjust, turn on or turn off the heating remotely in real time
• Daily and weekly programming
• Instantaneous and history reading of consumptions of the entire home, as well as comparative consumptions.

To be able to start using the APP you will have to register at the following link https://control2.termoweb.net

And start to enjoy the comfort and saving on your heating!