Electronic floor heating


The Electric floor heating is a type of heating which is installed under the floor and which operation is controlled by a thermostat or smart system. It provides a unique feeling of comfort, as it distributes the heat uniformly and at a low temperature. Moreover, it prevents the generation of hot points with heat loss, enabling to save energy.

New construction

Range of Ducasa cables for all type of floors. It requires a minimum available floor height of 5 cm. System with greater inertia, and greater energy saving.


New range of meshes suitable for all type of floors. Economic solution for installations with little floor height available. It does not require any kind of works.


Cable designed for de-icing systems with IP67 protection to work submerged.

Energy Efficiency: A system without power surges
With the floor heating system you will save up to 20% opposite other traditional systems, as it enables the transmission at low temperature and distributes the heat uniformly in each room.

Maximum comfort: Smart control of the consumption
The Ducasa floor heating is controlled by a thermostat or smart system to obtain greater comfort with the minimum consumption.

Smart heat

The heat ascends through the entire surface, uniformly and at a low temperature, without air currents.
• Allows saving 20% with regard to other electric heating systems
• It can be installed on any type of floor
• Each room can have a different temperature
• Quick to assemble and Maintenance-free
• Invisible and silent